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Some people feel full from having bread.

Others feel full from from giving it away.

"Breadcrumbs" (2021) Official Teaser
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In a very poor city, where bread is rationed to the citizens, people have to find ways to feed their families. C., a needy man, visits a neighbouring apartment complex and knocks on a stranger's door in hopes of getting some food for his starving children. All of a sudden, their small talk turns into a full-blown conversation about the nature of altruism and selfishness. C. says that egoistic people help others to feel better.


P. decides to give him a full loaf of bread in hopes to prove that selfless kindness exists, and C. leaves.

When P. enters the elevator to leave, he suddenly sees a note inside that says that no one gave anything

to a poor man that entered this building.

Aggravated and feeling betrayed, P. removes a note and pays a visit to C. to find the truth and clear out his name. C. tries to explain that he did it on purpose and that if P. knows that he has hugely helped a stranger, it does not matter what others think, as long as the deed was done. P. raises reasonable questions,

like does why C. give him lectures and what right does he have to judge him.

As their conflict fires up, P. demands to leave him alone, but C. refuses to let the note go, trying to prove his point. Both men inevitably clash, and P. smashes a typewriter on C.'s head, leaving his breathless body laying in front of his kids.

Covered with blood, dirt, and sweat, he returns to his home after some time.

Relieved, he plans to knock on every door and let everyone know

that he indeed has shared his bread with that stranger.


The Making of Breadcrumbs

"Breadcrumbs" was shot in Los Angeles, California, within two long shooting days. The crew of talented 20 people has put their efforts to produce this film. Check out BTS photos from set.


Behind the scenes

Director and DP
1AC Adriana
Narrow hallways are tricky
Key Grip Dmitry
Mike Ossedryver
Co-director and lead actor
Line producer
Patrick Merveille
Art department
Get a glimpse at post-production process: color grading